Shipping from Dubai to USA made so easy

How to choose a reliable International Moving company in Dubai?
March 14, 2017

Moving from one country to another will always makes us tensed because of the tiresome process. There are many things to be noted before planning a shift from Dubai to USA.

  • The first and foremost thing to be noted is that of deciding and focusing on what all things to be shifted. Make a note of unavoidable things which you cannot live without.
  • Step two is to check with the customs regarding the related laws for the shifting from here are. It can give a clear idea about the do’s and don’ts.
  • The next task is to find the best packers and movers who can help you in shifting. As in Dubai, Movers Souq is one of the widely recommended packers and movers in Dubai who has international service as well. Once you approach them, they will be asking about the mode of shipping as via air or sea. Most of the people opt the shipping via sea because it is comparatively less in price. If you opt the shipping via sea, the price is decided according to the volume of the things. Paper works, packaging, shipping etc. will be taken care by the shipping agency.

You need to be specific about which type of service you are opting for. Sometimes it is door to door (which is all inclusive from Dubai to USA), door to port (only from Dubai to the ship) and port to port (from Dubai port to USA). If you are clear with all these, packing is never a tension.

For hassle free shifting, Contact us for details and special quotations +971 50 5481357

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