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Moving to UK from Dubai

Would you like moving to UK from Dubai?

As a leader in the International Moving industry, Moversouq provides best services of moving to UK from Dubai that can give you very affordable prices.

The UK is one of those countries people prefer to study and work. It is one of the strong pillars participated in the development of UAE from the beginning. The thought of moving to UK from Dubai permanently or temporary may give you the tension of shifting. But no worries anymore! We, Moversouq are here to help you in moving and packing. There are some things to be in mind before shipping to UK. There are certain items which cannot be shipped there. Some of them are:

  • Lithium –metal batteries and ion batteries, none of the products including these batteries are not allowed for shipping.
  • Cash/money and related items cannot be shipped to UK.
  • Cigarettes and related products
  • Sharp objects
  • Gambling items
  • Perishable products (food products, dietary supplements)
  • Precious metals & stones
  • Obscene materials
  • Miscellaneous (beverages which includes alcohol, pirated goods, copy rights, documents, personal mails, ashes, human remains etc.)
  • Drugs (controlled chemicals, narcotics)
  • Weapons and explosives

Shipping can be done in three ways (by sea) one is that of dedicated container shipping which exclusively carries only your goods and no other goods are allowed. The second option is that of shared or consolidated container, which has other goods as well with wooden boxes. The third option is via air and of that is called as Air freight. It is idle for small quantity of goods. It is relatively faster and best for urgent delivery.

Moversouq has the option for you to track the order by mentioning your order or package number. It helps you in figuring out how far your order has reached and what is the recent update. We are promising you the best service by providing door to door, door to port and port to port services. As the professionals in international packing and moving, we ensure credibility and safety for your products. Leave the tension of moving to UK from Dubai and contact Moversouq.


We offer you the best shipping solution for moving to UK from Dubai, Call us now for details +971 50 5481357

MoverSouq offers best moving service to UK from Dubai.
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