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Denmark is one of the most famous Scandinavian countries. It is popular for high standard of living, national performance, education, and health care, protection of civil liberties, democratic governance, prosperity and human development. Have you made a decision of moving to Denmark from Dubai? Leave the tension of packing and moving to Moversouq. Before heading towards shifting, please take a note on the custom rules and regulations of Denmark.

There is a need for import documentation to be made. It includes the single administration document which is the written declaration to customs and is subject to customs supervision until the formalities are completed. The next thing to be taken into account is about the summary declaration which specifies the person who is accountable in the shipping with address and passport details. There are bans fro certain products such as agricultural, cosmetics, fisheries etc.

Shipping can be done in three ways (by sea)

  • One is that of dedicated container shipping which exclusively carries only your goods and no other goods are allowed.
  • The second option is that of shared or consolidated container, which has other goods as well with wooden boxes.
  • The third option is via air and of that is called as Air freight. It is idle for small quantity of goods. It is relatively faster and best for urgent delivery.

Moversouq has the option for you to track the order by mentioning your order or package number. It helps you in figuring out how far your order has reached and what is the recent update. We are promising you the best service by providing door to door, door to port and port to port services. As the professionals in international packing and moving, we ensure credibility and safety for your products. Leave the tension of moving to Denmark from Dubai and contact Moversouq.

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