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Before heading towards shipping take a look at the shipping restrictions and laws in Australia.

There are tax free shipment available for certain goods in Australia which includes personally owned and used goods for at least 12 months before shipping there, the things that have arrived or intend to arrive in Australia, for a person who is a permanent resident and returning back to Australia. Please note that the belongings/ goods that do not qualify for this exemption.

As other countries, Australia too have restrictions on the shipping of certain products. Some of them are:

  • Alcohol & tobacco products
  • Parts for cars, motorcycles or other vehicles
  • Commercial goods
  • Goods you have purchases from overseas while you are in Australia (including internet purchases)
  • Fresh food
  • Animals
  • Ivory
  • Dairy products
  • Nail varnish
  • Perfume
  • Aerosol,
  • Furs
  • Plants
  • Seeds etc.

Customs clearance of personal effects may delay the shipment by 24-48 hours. In order to avoid the delay, attach your documents enclosed pouch with all packages, passport copy etc. There is a need to keep the customs invoice with the package which includes the shipper’s address, receivers address, goods description for each item you are sending, value of each item, reason for export (personal, commercial etc.)

Shipping can be done in three ways (by sea) one is that of dedicated container shipping which exclusively carries only your goods and no other goods are allowed. The second option is that of shared or consolidated container, which has other goods as well with wooden boxes. The third option is via air and of that is called as Air freight. It is idle for small quantity of goods. It is relatively faster and best for urgent delivery. Moversouq has the option for you to track the order by mentioning your order or package number. It helps you in figuring out how far your order has reached and what is the recent update. We are promising you the best service by providing door to door, door to port and port to port services. As the professionals in international packing and moving, we ensure credibility and safety for your products. Leave the tension of moving to Australia from Dubai and contact Moversouq.

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